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So sometime it was then so far: after my housing slowly everything has which it needs at lighting and CO (or also does not need). Next step was my Mouse. I possess a small Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse (nice device) wich lights up in such a mad red. The housing is nevertheless already blue. What is situated more near as exchange the red LED against a blue one??

Equivalent in front: the change is no problem for someone with soldering knowledge. That can be done so simply, so i was finished after ten minutes! Now however enough talking: - come on freshly to the factory:

The Material

1x LED blue, 5000mcd, 3,5V, 20-30mA
Desolderingpump (or Desolderingwire)

Letīs start

First we have to open the Mouse. Turn it upside down and unscrew it.

the Logitech Wheel Mouse before There she is: the Logitech Wheel Mouse. The blue LED is also there.
be careful open the housing Unscrew the Screws at the bottom. Then i had to open the Mouse at the back with a light "klick". push upwards and hear the "klack" Frame covers forward and upward shift. It should click briefly (not to crack!!) to open. Then pull the cover to the front. Ready.
Now pull out the wire First i pulled out the wire to have a free look all over.
..and the wheel Than i had to pull out the Wheel with the  Mounting plate. Attention! The Wheel is fixed with a spring! It can jump out easily!
at last the circuit board Now we see already a small metal handle over the plastic optics. But first we take the circuit board from the mounting plate. We raise the circuit board from the front and pull them away then, likewise upward in front.
now release the metal handle Now the metal handle comes to. I took pliers. In addition, are in any case with fingers. My are too large only. *g*
with a screwdriver i removed the led out of the housing Here you can see the little plasticnose with the old LED fixed to. I bent it upward with a small screwdriver and unscrewed the LED then. That could be done quite well. However I made this internal message only after unsoldering*.
to desolder push the plastic mounting plate a little upward So long. Now we have the circuit board in the hand and we can leave our soldering desire full run to exchange the LED. Best the plastic mounting plate easily bend upward, with a desolderingpump or a desolderingwire remove  the available tin solder and pull out the LED with the mounting plate.

*desoldering: for the best result heat the soldered connections with yout soldering iron, pull it away fast and suck away the soldering tin with the desolderingpump. Another method would be to likewise heat the place up and then shake short the entire circuit board to get off the tin solder. Who does not work in such a way can also take desolderingwire (if there is none take a clean, fine wire (like musicbox cable)) and thus the solder tacks to remove.

Now we must solve the locking with a small screwdriver and pull the old LED out.
Then clip the new LED with (still) long Wires into the plastic mounting plate and solder on. Now cut off the wire and assemble the housing. Remember to assemble the Mouse exactly the same like it is apart-built! Possibly must put the soil plastic optics disk (mad word) to it only on the circuit board and then clip it completely in the housing.

We can put the metal handle on again, exactly the same as the Wheel and the cover. If everything fits und nothing wedges and snatches we can easily screw the Mouse together again. Finished!

Some Impressions from the Mod


Mouse @Night Mouse@Night #2
The Pictures are not too good but they show the result: a nice blue Mouse!

Happy Modding,